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How I stay motivated as a freelancer and find inspiration from successful girls who also work online and travel the world

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Ever since I first heard that Digital Nomads combine work and travel, I was immediately hooked and started following people on YouTube who told me about it. I read blogs, listened to audiobooks and joined various Facebook groups with like-minded people. I literally consumed everything I could find about Digital Nomads. 

When I started my freelance career in August 2018, I already had a clear goal in mind: I wanted to become a Digital Nomad myself!

I wanted to work with my laptop on my lap from my van, visit beautiful places, take pictures and write about my experiences whilst making money online.

Since I have had more than eight years of experience teaching international students in German as a foreign language, the only logical way for me was to bring this expert status into the online world and give online lessons

Luckily I found the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle!

All I knew at that time was that there were other nomadic women on a membership site, doing virtual co-working and sharing their knowledge in online courses on different topics.

I signed up, it’s only $27 a month, cancel at any time. I like that! No obligations, no expensive subscription.

But my expectations were more than exceeded. In this blog article I want to tell you about my experiences in the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle and take you on my journey through this incredible community:  

1. Expert Packs and Challenges 

Because I had (and still have) a lot to learn about having an online business, I started with the Expert Packs, the online courses in the Inner Circle.

My first course was about productivity with the instructor being a digital nomad who works as a productivity coach.

There are a bunch of video lessons that introduced me to concepts that I have never heard of before and that blew my mind because I struggle with productivity and structure. There was also a very pretty workbook that I printed and filled out by hand to learn how I can organize myself.

During the course, I found myself starting to plan my days and weeks and write down my successes at the end of the week and noticed how I suddenly started to enjoy working more and more. 

Then I worked through the Expert Packs on the topics of Branding, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and Manage your Money.

What impresses me most, is the expertise of the women giving these courses, their self-confidence, and openness when they talk about their topics. I was captivated by how much they enjoy their work.

Meanwhile, the number of Expert Packs increased even further, you can find on the topics of scaling, self-care, customer acquisition, digital worksheets, WordPress and Divi, etc. find interesting online courses

Lately, we also had some Challenges! The Visibility Challenge made me step out of my comfort zone and promote myself more.

2. Monthly Goal Setting 

My first live event was a goal-setting workshop organized by the founder Jennifer Lachs. There was yet another beautifully designed workbook, which I could download prior to the event. In this event, people meet via Zoom, a video conferencing software where many different participants can join.

You can see the faces of all ladies from all over the world at a glance and you can turn your microphone on or off. And so I planned my first month together with these lovely girls. 

First, we reflected on the previous month and each girl had the opportunity to tell us about their successes, their challenges, and their travels.

I was impressed by what a great group of women I came across and how different their businesses and backgrounds were. But in the workshops, it is like sitting with them at the table, celebrating their successes, cheering when they achieved something and giving advice if someone feels stuck.

It’s as if I’m suddenly part of a gang of successful businesswomen who support each other.

I have now been a member of the Inner Circle of the Digital Nomad Girls for more than a year and I still plan each month together with these amazing women.

At the end of the year, we plan the entire next year. We give lots of attention to not only reflection but also to self-care and travel. 

3. Virtual Co-Working 

The most common and most important events in the Inner Circle are the Virtual Co-Working sessions. We meet in our Zoom room and work for about two hours. The two hours are divided into four so-called Pomodoros, which are working phases of 25 minutes followed by five-minute breaks.

At the beginning of each co-working session, the participants briefly talk about their goals for the session and then we start working:

Cameras off, microphones off, mobile phones off, social media off, work mode ON! 

After 25 minutes, the timer rings and we all turn on cameras and microphones and share how it went. Sometimes we talk about work and sometimes we chat about completely different topics in the breaks.

Then it’s time for the second, third, and fourth Pomodoro, and I have to say when I co-work I get so much more done than when I work by myself.

Having a clear structure and focus on the goals makes it much easier. The tips I get in co-working sessions from my “workmates” are often very helpful and at the same time, we are networking and making friends. 

4. Accountability Buddies 

You can get paired up with an accountability buddy, with whom you meet regularly and talk about business and goals.

I won the jackpot with Jeanne. I’ve been assigned to her for over a year now, we meet weekly and talk about our goals and make plans for the next week together. We maintain a Google SpreadSheet where we document our goals and achievements every week. 

Jeanne helped me a lot on my journey to entrepreneurship. She recommended good books and even agreed to be the student in my online German course!

It’s awesome to have someone to talk to about work. Especially when you’re sitting alone in front of your laptop every day, feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation of being self-employed.

Jeanne has become a good friend and every week I look forward to talking to her and celebrating our successes together and motivating each other. 

5. Book Club 

In the book club, we read one book a month and all the girls discuss their insights and learnings. To learn something new, to get inspiration and to grow constantly is critical for every new entrepreneur to become successful.

I find it extremely motivating that the other women in the Inner Circle put as much emphasis on education as I do.

When we talk about the books, different aspects and interesting opinions are raised, as each of the women naturally brings their own perspective as well as their own experience and background to the discussion.

We inspire each other mutually with new ideas and our learnings from these books. Most of the books that are read were written by strong women, such as books by Michelle Obama, Tara Mohr or Isabel Allende. 

6. Tea Time 

Another live event in the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle is Tea Time. In this event, we discuss one specific topic, such as self-care as a digital nomad, friendships, eating, coming home, holidays, etc. In these events, we simply talk and exchange, make friends and have fun

7. Feedback Thursday

Feedback Thursday gives us the opportunity to participate in a true mastermind session. We can post a question in advance and ask the community for feedback. It sounds like a simple concept, but WOW! what an experience!

When 15 women brainstorm at the same time, lots of ideas come up and each woman contributes her knowledge and creativity, which provides a ton of value. 

8. Eco-Talks, Fuck-Up Night, Coffee Roulette and many other live events 

In these live events, you have the chance to spend time with these lovely girls and in this way, you never feel lonely. We meet, we work, we talk, we laugh and sometimes someone cries.

Strong and very special personalities meet in this community and I am very grateful to be able to be part of this group.

I always feel treated with respect, I always get help and feedback when needed. I would even say that these women are not just a professional network of friends and co-workers but for me, they are real mentors who I look up to and who can help me on my journey. 

9. A pinch of idealism and feminism 

The atmosphere and tone in such a community are mainly given by its founder, Jennifer Lachs. She is the woman who set up this membership area and she is the soul of the community.

Her aim is to bring together digital nomad girls from around the world and create this space where they can interact and grow and also where they can find advice and a sense of mutual support.

I feel very lucky to have found this amazing place in the vastness of the Internet. Thanks Jenny! 

If you also want to join the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle, have a try, invest the $ 27 for a month. The doors are currently open.

Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle – virtual co-working community

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